How it works

Social media marketing can be tough, but with our Instagram account management service, this will not only just give you more time to focus on your business, we will grow your page and brand with the right audience.

The way you will grow and build social media presence is by interactions and engaging with your audience. This is what we do.

We know who you audience is by focusing on:

  • Instagram users such as similar accounts or even your competitors. We can target their followers and followings.
  • Hashtags. Anyone that has ever used a hashtag, we can target them.
  • Location, this is very useful if your audience has tagged a location in their post.
  • Interactions on a specific post. Anyone that has liked or commented, we can capture them too!

Once we have information about your audience, we will then start the interactions. From your account, we can: Like, Comment, Direct Message, Repost, Like Comments, View Stories.

Along the way, our social media expert will fully engaged giving advice and consultancy on the best way to optimise your campaign. If you are in Milton Keynes or in the Buckinghamshire/Bedfordshire area, we welcome all our clients to pop in to our office to go through social media marketing campaigns and strategy or even for just a nice coffee!

So for example:

If you are a local business car specialist garage from Milton Keynes and your audience type are interested in high performance cars, we can find Instagram pages that are related to high performance cars, especially if they have lots of followers and engaging  content, we can target all of their followers and followings.

We can also target your audience by relatable hashtags.

But you want to also want to engage with people locally as you also carry out general repairs that’s applicable for all car owners. So we can look at anyone that has tagged a location on their Instagram post such as: Milton Keynes, Bletchley, Wolverton, Xscape, MK Dons Stadium, Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire, Luton, Northampton etc.

And of course you’ve seen a picture that is getting lots of likes and comments with potential fans, take a note of the link and send it over and we can engage with them too.

So that’s a lot of information we have gathered, we will start pushing all interactions on your behalf, daily and consistently. This is how you grow! It is all organic and everything can be tailored to your specific requirements.

Grow your Instagram

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24/7 management

Audience targeting

Organic growth

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